Protect the Things You Can't Afford to Lose!
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A fire is a devastating, traumatic, life altering event. A life time of memories, and personal records can be destroyed in an instants. Replacing many of these items can prove to be a long, difficult if not impossible process. When you want to protect the things you can't afford to loose there's only one name to trust,.....Fire Fyter.

All Fire Fyter Safes, excluding Model FF33, are UL certified for Fire & Impact Protection.
What does this mean?
1. An independent, nationally recognize laboratory, Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) certified the Fire rating of our safes
2. All Fire Fyter products have been certified to withstand 1700 degrees for 1 hour and an impact rating of 30 feet.
3. What this means to the consumer is that during a tragic fire, our safes will withstand 1700 degrees for one hour. The interior of the safe will not exceed 350 degrees.
- A normal house fire burns at 1250 degrees and is usually controlled within15 minutes.
- The impact protection certification was completed so that the consumer knows that should your safe drop from a level that is 30 feet or less, the safe will maintain its structural integrity and protection.

Think it can't happen to you? Review these statistics from the United States Fire Administration

  • There were 1,584,500 fires in the united states in 2003
  • Fires resulted in 3,925 deaths, 18,125 injuries, and $12.3 billion in damages
  • Residential fire represented 25.4% of all fires and 77.4% of structural fires
  • 80% of civilian fire fatalities occurred in the home

Our intention is not to strike fear in the hearts of our customers, but to educated them about the very real threat of fire, and the importance of fire protection.